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Aug 11, 2013 7:30am PDT
to sean who is here from my staff who spent hours and hours and hours working with yo yashida. (applause) >> at the end of the day this is about content. and sean really partnered with apple-liscious who came up with a good idea and we believe it is one of the most powerful mobile applications certainly in the parks world and maybe in government. and right now it's primarily focused on information with a little bit of reservations but it's going to be able to do so much more over time as we continue to evolve as a department. so, love your parks. download one of these things. and let me introduce yo yashid, a. let me say to all of you out here keep doing what you're doing * . because with your help you are really making government better. so, i wanted to say thank you to the hatchery and everybody in this room. yo? (applause) >> thank you, thank you, mayor ed lee. thank you, phil ginsberg and the hatchery for hosting us. i use open data. our company was founded three years ago using open data. we are one of the first sustainable companies to use open data and be sustainable innovation, m
Aug 25, 2013 10:00pm EDT
john hockeyrainin where were you when sean kerly won olympic gold for great britain? i thought you didn't... at? know anything about hockey? never undestimate what i know, john. you see, the thing about sean kerly, apart om h, well, unbelievab skill, was that he could really look after himself. you know what i mean? no one ever messed with sean. mmm. i'll see you later, john. yeah. oh, john. have you seen kate this evening? no. no. night, john. night. (phone ringing) hello? hello? (phone line goes dead) (knocking) billy. i won't come in. i just wanted to say, 'cause it doesn't get said often enough, that you are a brilliant woman and you love me. don't you mean you love me? no. (laughing) you could have told me on the phone. well, i spend my life on the phone. sometimes i miss human contact. bit weird to hang up though. what? you call just now. why would i do that? i'm here. (sirens wailing) costello: why did you keep condoms in your bedroom drawer? laidlaw: that's obvious, isn't it? did you have sex with other men between your break-up with alan bradley and the alged fence? no. where's this go
Aug 22, 2013 6:30pm EDT
jÓvenes de este bar. >> segÚn investigaciÓn no se ha demostrado que jÓvenes sean criminales, sin embargo, en el bar sÍ se traficaban drogas. >> uno de los dueÑos fue asesinado, otros dos estÁn en la cÁrcel junto a tres trabajadores. >> las familias de secuestrados, no pierden la esperanza de verlos regresar con vida. >> se los llevaron vivos y vivos los queremos. >> aunque la verdad latina los muertos que ya encontraron, en mÉxico raÚl torres, telemundo. >> cada dÍa 1200 mexicanos son deportados de estados unidos a su paÍs de origen, esto segÚn el instituto cional de migraciÓn de mÉxico, muchos tienen que empezar de cero, sin dinero, sin trabajo y con mÁs responsabilidades que cuando cruzaron la frontera, no solo son migrantes quiÉnes se ven afectados sino tambiÉn comunidades azotadas por el desempleo, carlos botifoll amplia. >> para gerardo bautista la suya ha sido una vida de sufrimiento desde que fue deportado de estados unidos y devuelto a mÉxico de un dÍa para otro te cambia todo mÁs que nada lo devastador que mis hijas quedaron allÁ. >> segÚn el instituto de migr
FOX News
Aug 9, 2013 6:00pm PDT
questions on a wide variety of issues. welcome to the special edition of hannity. i'm in tonight for sean. earlier, our commander in chief spent most of his time at the podium talking about how he plans to have more trans papercy in his administration when it comes to the nsa surveillance program and while the obama administration would like all news outlets to spend their valuable air time to focus on his meager attempt to, quote, restore the public's trust, there was one key topic the president seemed to gloss over. the failing economy. and folks, let's be honest. at the end of the day, that is the most pressing issue facing americans today. joining me now with reaction, radio talk show host, fox news contributor leslie marshall and republican strategist, noel, ladies, good evening. >> good evening. >> so leslie, let me throw it to you and let's look at the number of full time jobs versus part-time jobs added in july. and what this really means to the american people when productivity, 1978 levels, tepid at best recovery, why isn't the president speaking up on the economy? where's the p
FOX News
Aug 13, 2013 6:00pm PDT
. why are you so offended by this? >> well, sean, first, let me thank you for having me here. >> you're very welcome. and i am not -- i'm no longer the chairman of the missouri legislative black caucus. i am the chairman of the democratic caucus. >> i apologize. >> i am -- i believe that we kind of centered this around the rodeo clown. in my opinion, the rodeo clown is only a scapegoat here. i may not even agree with banning this guy for life for doing any -- from doing any more rodeos. but i'm offended because here in missouri, we are engaging in a directive culture that says it's okay to do these types of things. >> explain in more detail what offends you. >> it offends me that anyone would make a mochrie in that way of the president of the united states. >> really? >> and i am under the opinion that it's more. it was a racial content. >> how was it racial? >> i mean -- >> how is it racial? >> sean, you didn't -- i heard you say a few things. but you didn't say what someone walked up to the clown and played with his lips. i mean, it's offensive, whether it's barack obama or george
Aug 30, 2013 8:00am PDT
is sean salisbury, a former nfl quarterback and one of the plaintiffs in that suit. good to have you here. before we talk about the financial aspect of this the 7 65 million dollar settlement you say you're a walking train wreck after your sports career. several have compared this case to the massive litigation against big tobacco. what does it mean for you and the other thousands of nfl players to see a settlement? >> i think it shows the compassion for the nfl. number two i'll speak to myself and guys i've talked to and know who have gone through this. when you see a former player who can't remember how to take his kid to school and you see what has happened to junior seau and players who contemplate it every day. some something like this comes down and almost a billion dollars, we are humble and blessed and i don't like when people say the nfl hid it. i don't think the nfl was as educated or informed then either. . you some smelling salts on and go back into the game. it means a lot. when my doctor sits across from me when you talk about a train wreck when he sits across from me and i
Aug 23, 2013 10:00pm EDT
by jews? announcer: please welcome, critically acclaimed actor, sean hayes! sean hayes: wow, so many amazing people here tonight. thank you for having me ellen, thank you for you having me, but you didn't have a choice. lily tomlin, i'm such a big fan of lily tomlin, what an honor to share a stage with such an icon. just when you thought we ran out of groundbreaking gay women tonight, poof, here i am. i uh, i'm absolutely thrilled to be here for what promises to be an exciting evening filled with celebration, reflection, admiration, judgment, flirting, arguments, breakups and finally reconciliation. and that's just me standing at the men's room next to jimmy kimmel. i'm here tonight as a friend of ellen and as a fellow member of the "jeopardy" category, "gay sitcom stars." when they, when they asked me to be a part of honoring ellen this evening, i was thrilled to learn she was still alive and present to receive the mark twain prize. i'm sure one day very soon, genetic technology and computer modeling will be able to tell us exactly who mark twain would want to win his prize. until t
FOX News
Aug 26, 2013 9:00pm PDT
between the republicans and the democrats. >> sadly, sean, there is one difference. right now the people fighting the hardest against defunding obamacare are republicans. the republicans are all shooting at those who are trying to work with the grass roots to stop this disaster of a bill that is killing jobs and driving up insurance rates and hurting the american people. how do we win? first we get 41 republicans in the senate to stand together and the only way to do that is to get millions of americans to go online and hold our officials accountable. but once millions of americans are energized, they can hold democrats accountable. if you are up for elections in arkansas and louisiana and you start getting calls from 5,000 or 10,000 or 50,000, this looks very, very different. i agree with you. we are running out of time. i want to get this in. i know a lot has been made of the fact that your birth certificate and you have renounwned your canadian citizenship. but it is interesting how many democrats do not want you to get into the race for the presidency. let me play for you the comment
FOX News
Aug 28, 2013 9:00pm PDT
to be back, sean. thank you. >> before you respond to that, i want two other administration oh officials starting with crazy uncle joe. here's joe biden in 2007. >> i was chairman of the judiciary committee for 17 years as its ranking member. i teach separation of powers in constitutional law. this is something i know. i got together and brought a group of constitutional scholars together to write a piece i will deliver to the united states senate pointing out the president has no constitutional authority to take this nation to war against a country of 70 million people unless we are attacked or unless there is proof that we are about to be attacked. if he does, i would move to impeach him. the house obviously has to do that. i would lead an effort to impeach him. the reason for doing that -- i don't say i it lightly. i don't say it lightly. i say it because they should understand what they were threatening, what they were saying, what was adding up to be what looked like to the world what we were about to do would be the most disaster the rous thing that could be done at this moment in
Aug 3, 2013 2:00pm PDT
correct. cumulus media is planning to drop both limbaugh and sean handy from its stations at the end of the year. the second largest syndicator in this country has decided it will not renew the contracts of limbaugh and handy. they say negotiations are still going on. this will result in the shows being dropped from more than 40, what we call big am stations and fm outlets across the country. according to reports, the decision was made due to disagreements over distribution costs. however, i have a different opinion. rush limbaugh and sean hannity have spent years on the radio spreading hate and lies about hard working americans, and guess what? it doesn't sell anymore. >> four more years of obama will end america, the country we love as we know it. >> obama is monkeying the number here. jimmying around with thing in an election year. >> i don't know what tomorrow's job number will be. i have no doubt they'll cook the books will. >> gun violence is plummeting. here we have a totally made up crisis. in fact, i'll bet, it is like global warming. >> now the president said trayvon could
Aug 9, 2013 3:00am PDT
into sean hannity's slot at 9:00. without telling us where sean hannity would go or what happens to the rest of the line-up, you guys have been following fox news more closely than anybody else. what's this all about? do you think this is going to happen? >> well, look, it seems likely, right. i mean fox has announced some time ago megan kelly would be moving into a prime time show. the question has always been -- where? that prime timelineup has been locked down for a decade now so drudge -- if drudge's reporting is to be believed, it will be that 9:00 slot which raises the question where does sean hannity go? does he move to 10:00? where does greta move next? megan kelly is somebody that we've kept a close eye on over the years. she's been out there in front of the some of the largest right wing scandalmongering that we've seen, typical of fox news. she's also done some very good reporting, particularly on issues of women's rights, you know, fair pay type issues. so its agoing to be interesting to watch how she reacts to moving from what fox claims is the newshours during the day to what t
FOX News
Aug 11, 2013 2:00am PDT
mistrust that the grassroots movement has, no offense, sean -- >> none taken. >> -- that the grassroots movement has with the republican party on this because there's a lot of things they feel they've kind of compromised on before. and whenever it comes to the discussion of compromise in washington, d.c., it's always it seems republicans who have to give up the most. democrats have to give up the least. >> is that, though, because the republicans only have one half of the house? i mean, they've got the house. but they don't have the senate. they don't have the white house. i mean, the fact is you've got to own all the moving parts if you want to call the shots. >> elections have consequences. that's why when i hear some individuals -- we had 3 million republicans that just didn't go out and vote this election. we lost swing states by a couple of hundred thousand votes. those were votes we could have gotten. we could have won those states. so yeah, elections do have consequences. we don't control the senate. so we can't sit here and demand we're going to have a repeal because there's no
FOX News
Aug 11, 2013 5:00pm PDT
and politics can fix what's wrong with america. glad to have all of you guys there. >> i know you're sean spicer. i know that any. let me start with you, republicans are fight right now, particularly in the house and senate whether or not to de-fund obamacare even if it means shutting down significant portions of the government. good idea or bad idea? >> in general a good idea. our party is united as far as getting rid of obamacare. we recognize the fact more americans are losing their health care, costs are going up, the problems continue with the implementation of obamacare. what i think we have a robust difference on is the tactic how to make that happen. some people believe we can de-fund it through the continuing resolution process. some people believe you're not able to do that because of the way the funding is structured in terms of mandatory spending. if we can get resolution it should be done, i think they agree it should be de-funded and what's the most effective way to do it. that's where the breakdown occurs. everyone wants to get to the same place but how to get there. >> a l
FOX News
Aug 12, 2013 9:00pm PDT
stops right here. we are definitely looking out for you. >> sean: do you believe america is in a post-constitutional period and that there is this was anticipated by our framers in 1787 and there is a mechanism created that would allow amendments to begin in the states? i'm not explaining it as well as you. >> i think we need to stop fooling ourselves i've read other books, you look at the government today it's not a representative repub lichblgt you've got a massive bureaucracy pushing out thousands of laws. you look at the supreme court jun one justice issues these breath taking laws that have affect on the entirety of vote soet. you have the president of the united states brazenly rewriting laws and saying if congress doesn't act, he will act. then have you congress writing massive laws under the cover of dark issuing them quickly on matters they don't have right to legislate about and conferring enormous authority delegating lawmaker authorities to executive branch. it's not really a federal republic. and for 100 years progressive movement have been chiseling away at
FOX News
Aug 27, 2013 9:00pm PDT
. by the way, sean. the civilian slaughter is also war crimes. we've sat by and done nothing to really counteract that, or punish that type of war crime. again, this point in time for america to start to lead -- this president to lead. to come before congress and get the approval of congress to do this, he should be able to make this case, i think if he tries to make it, he'll get the boot from congress. >> thank you for being with us. appreciate it, joining me with reaction to this developing story. ann coulter is with us. two big questions i have here. if they're not going for regime change, we have two big questions before us, number one, we have the israelis. now, if iran and syria are saying if they get a cruise missile attack, they're going to attack israel. is the president prepared to defend them? >> no. >> and number two. >> let's start with that one. >> wait a minute. we have to consider that. and what's the point then of lobbying missiles -- >> it's very depressing talking about foreign policy, whenever a democrat is president, because they don't care about america's nationa
FOX News
Aug 30, 2013 6:00pm PDT
against the syrian regime. i'm tucker in for sean. earlier today, the administration released part of an intelligence report and moments later, the president had this to say. >> as you've seen, today, we've released our unclassified assessment detailing with high confidence that the syrian regime carried out a chemical weapon that killed well over 1,000 people, including hundreds of children. this kind of attack threatens our national security interests by violating well established international laws against the use of chemical weapons by further threatening friends and allies of ours in the region like israel and turkey and jordan. and it increases the risk that chemical weapons will be used in the future and fall into the hands of terrorists who might use them against us. so, i have said before and i meant what i said, that the world has an obligation to make sure that we maintain the norm against the use of chemical weapons. now, i have not made a final decision about various actions that might be taken to help enforce that. >> joining us now live from the region with the lates
Aug 7, 2013 6:30pm PDT
que padecen sobre peso son cinco veces mÁs propensos a ser obesos cuando sean adultos, blanca rosa vilches en new york nos dice lo que se hace para ganar la batalla a la obesidad infantil. >>> en esta clÍnica pediÁtrica las metas y logros se miden en libras. >>> pesaba 164 en julio y ahora peso 152. >>> luis es uno de los niÑos de los 19 estados de la naciÓn que registran resultados positivos de la campaÑa nacional anti obesidad en las comunidades de escasos recursos econÓmicos. >>> ahora como mucho vegetales y fruta, no como despuÉs que comÍa papitas y soda. >>> las cifras oficiales indican que entre los niÑos hispanos uno de cada seis el 16% entre los dos y cinco aÑos de edad sufre de sobre peso a nivel nacional. >>> no solamente hemos disminuido el Índice de obesidad hemos arrancado pacientes a la diabetes previniendo desde la niÑez. >>> desde el 2010 a base de ejercicios y clases de baile la gran mayorÍa de los pacientes que tienen han logrado bajar de peso. >>> hay conciencia en padre, niÑo escuela, gobierno, campaÑa de publicidad, es mult
Aug 10, 2013 11:30pm PDT
evidencia que el cigarro sean menos daÑinos que la marihuana. >>> no va a disminuir simplemente por la legalizaciÓn. >>> y se drogan mÁs los beisbolistas latinos? >>> la exigencia es grande. todo en al punto. ♪ ♪ >>> la crisis alimentaria que afronta guatemala continÚa co n cobrando vidas, mÁs de un millÓn de niÑos padecen desnutriciÓn crÓnica, erika tiene reacciones y escalofriantes cifras de menores al borde de la muerte. >>> nuestras cÁmaras captaron el momento en el que joselÍn era trasladada. >>> despuÉs de luchar por su vida despuÉs perdiÓ la batalla. carlos vargas dice que este no es un caso aislado. >>> hace 6 semanas rescate una niÑa de 15 aÑos. una semana mÁs tarde rescate otra de 15 libras. >>> y precisamente aÚn se recupera de la fundaciÓn esperanza de vida, junto a ella estÁ jorge lisandro, josÉ de dos aÑos. todos ellos pasaron semanas sin ingerir alimentos. >>> no hay suficiente para todos. tenemos una madre con 10 hijos. y tiene que escoger a quiÉn darle de comer. >>> el ingreso promedio es de 3 dÓlares al dÍa, lo que hace imposible alimentar
Aug 12, 2013 6:00pm PDT
país y que queremso que las familias sean reunidas. >> la caminata es desde sacramento a bakersfield. >> yo soy indocumentado quiero salir adelante. >> nosotros tenemos derecho al igual que todos y vinimos a buscar un futuro mejor. >> después de planear el camino comenzó la peregrinación. >> 11 millones de nosotros luchamos a diario para que vean que somos humanos. >> marcharon por las calles de la capital eran pocos pero con fuerza lo hicieron y así lo harán por 21 días. maribel lópez univision. >> una joven ya esta con su padre hannah anderson de 16 años fue rescatada de su captor james lee di maggio en idaho en un campamento tuvieron que matarlo y la joven no sabía que di maggio había matado a su madre y hermano. >> muchos son estafados en la esperanza de recuperar su casa maría rosa luccini con la información. >> muchos prometen contacto con abogados y acceso con bancos. >> estos inescrupulosos atacan a personas que están atrasados en los pagos e incluso los convencen de darles dinero. en esta etapa hay más de 9 mil embargos. >> las familias tratan de solucionar sus
Aug 16, 2013 6:00pm PDT
problema en la sociedad. >> por ahora se pide que los estrudianrtes de east palo aqlto sean tratadsois de la misma amnera que loas estudiantes de bajos recursos de las comunidades donde van. >> el máximo mandatario dijo que en su juventud le iba al américa, pero después alñ toluca y ahora la selección, peña nieto resaltó los títulos del cuadro azulcrema, diciendo que son el equipo m'ñas ganador y dando palñabras para el fallecido chuchoi benítez. >> estoy orgulloso de cómo representan a todos los mexicanos. >> creo que enrique ya dijo que fue un triunfoépico, agradecerle y que nos inviten de nuevo por acá. >> ryan samber tomar'ña lsas riendas del equipo. >> los compañerosa de alex rodríguez dieron los nombres de los otros acusados en el caso biogéneis. >> djokovic fue eliminado, el ganador enfrentará a del potro. >> river no ha pagado por el traspaso de teóflico gutiérrez, por lo que irán a la fifa para solicitar le pagoi.ión >> aparecieron 2 cargos más a pistorius en el caso del asesinato de su novia por disparos en un restaurant además de disparos en su casa. >>
Aug 18, 2013 11:35pm PDT
a mi, que busquen un internado, que sean alguien en la vida, que no estÉn en la kaer calle, por alguna rien las calles marcan y seducen. no faltan quienes escapan de su hogar con dolorosas consecuencias. >>> de repente encontrarlos en condiciones no humanass. >>> como encontramos a este grupo de adolescente. >>> el hambre, frÍo, no tener donde vivir. >>> salvador castellanos, univisiÓn. >>> policÍa se encontrÓ con tremenda sorpresa en un hotel en una pequeÑa ciudad cerca de toron toronto, canadÁ. los uniformados entraron auna habitaciÓn y encontraron 40 serpientes pitÓn, los reptiles en bolsas plÁsticas y hacinadas, empleado del hotel dijo a las autoridades que una pareja habÍa alquilado el cuarto y luego saliÓ a buscar unas cajas, los busca la policÍa. >>> oscar pistorius regresa a la corte el lunes. el atleta de 26 aÑos estÁ acusado del asesinato premeditado de su novia en un incidente ocurrido el 14 de febrero este aÑo. dijo que la muerte de su novia fue accidental y que disparÓ tras cono fundfundirconfundirla podrÍa enfrentar hasta 25 aÑos de cÁrcel. >>> comenzÓ
Aug 15, 2013 3:00pm PDT
meeting going on in boston. "the washington examiner" says rush limbaugh, sean hannity and mark levin are being eyed as 2016 debate moderators. >> which is amazing. i love the idea, frankly. it's funny, because their justification is we want to hear from the real grassroots conservatives. now anyone who was watching the debates last time around did not have any problem hearing from the quote/unquote real grassroots conservatives. the problem was that those debates pulled their candidates so far to the right, exposed the baseness and the extreme nature of the party. i don't think there is anyone better to do that than a rush limbaugh and a sean hannity and a mark levin. >> well, today, goldie, rush limbaugh told his audience he doesn't know if it will work because he is too famous. take a listen. >> i don't see how i can do it. i'm too famous. this moderating republican debates. did you see that throughout? i think i'd overshadow it. i'm too famous. it would be a tough call. it would be a real, real, real tough call. anyway, well, yeah, yeah, yeah. it could get ratings. there is no que
Aug 15, 2013 10:00pm PDT
dream attempt of presidential debate moderators, rush limbaugh, sean hannity, and mark levine. they're serious. >>> and later, rand paul says who the greatest defender of minority rights is. but he is not very worried about voting rights. >>> and bravo, andy cohen just turned down a job hosting a tv show in russia in protest of russia's anti-gay laws. hero: if you had a chance to go anywhere in the world, but you had to leave right now, would you go? man: 'oh i can't go tonight' woman: 'i can't.' hero : that's what expedia asked me. host: book the flight but you have to go right now. hero: (laughs) and i just go? this is for real right? this is for real? i always said one day i'd go to china, just never thought it'd be today. anncr: we're giving away a trip every day. download the expedia app and your next trip could be on us. expedia, find yours. the ones getting involved and staying engaged. they're not afraid to question the path they're on. because the one question they never want to ask is "how did i end up here?" i started schwab for those people. people who want to take owner
Aug 16, 2013 4:00pm PDT
well for the base. >> but it also limits debates. and by putting them on with rush limbaugh and sean hannity as the hosts, i actually think what they're doing is creating more opportunity for them to highlight some of the more fringe positions of the party which is not really what they ought to be doing. >> i thought that the autopsy made a lot of sense and one of the things, i'm paraphrasing, one of the things in the autopsy said we need to get out of the echo chamber. i remember, and i've said this before, that on wednesday morning after the election there were folks that were just mystified by how obama had won because they were solely dependent on drudge, talk radio and fox news. it seems like in contrast to the autopsy finding from the rnc, they're going right back into that direction. >> that's the answer. let's get rush and sawn hannity to moderate debates. in all honesty, i kind of want that to happen. i think for many republicans out there that want the party to change, to move forward in a different direction, it has to hit rock bottom first. and maybe having sean hannity a
Aug 16, 2013 8:00pm PDT
in for over 2200 yards in college. -- he ran for over 2200 yards in college. if you are going to play for sean payton you have got to catch the ball. >>jim: they spread the ball around. >>tom: they also catch a lot of screens. >>greg: darren sproles had a great year last year. 3:50 to play. 2nd and 8. griffin has nowhere to go. that will bring up a 3rd down. join us next friday night as the raiders play chicago. that will be a challenge next week. here is griffin back on 3rd down. how did that ball get caught? it didn't, it hit the ground. cadet came back in to the game. robinson is tired. >>jim: that was played very well by the defensive line. >>greg: the saints do not have any extra kickers. here is garrett hartley. he is a hero in this town. q ng- overtime may be a possibility. the raiders are a touchdown and a two-point version away from tying the game. -- and a two-point conversion away from tying the game. ç tonight get back home early tomorrow morning. 's -- the good news is when they fly home sunday d.j. hayden will not have too we are the red jersey in a more. the red jersey is the n
Aug 11, 2013 9:00pm CDT
' along the lakefront, sean lewis wgn news. new information tonight about the actions that led to the rescue of a kidnapped teen. next, how police were able to find her. also, the father of edward snowden speaks out about his son's current situation in russia. and you can have it any way you like, as long as there's no ketchup. we're checking out the chicago hot dog festival. jim... some small storms have been pressing througpassing thrs and a few minutin a few minutes. break not giving a thought to their own satisfaction. doll, you're sacrificing seamless color for the perfect wave? i mean surf's up. stop with the sacrificing, start here. light & fit greek nonfat yogurt. thick, creamy, and dude twice the protein and 80 calories. tastes satisfying right? it's awesome. hey, you wanna go surfing? light & fit greek! ♪ dannon! oh! something bit me! happened in a province along the border with pakistan where some of the highest levels of fighting have taken place during the 12 year long nato-led mission. american soldiers based there now primarily train afghan troops. more than 21
Aug 23, 2013 6:30pm EDT
. inscríbete hoy en el nuevo plan llimitado, my way y asegura que tus llamadas, textos y datos sean ilimitados de por vida. garantizado y sólo de sprint. visita tu tienda sprint o ¿dificultad para escuchar en el teléfono? vita .. pequeÑos musical pasa por mal o momento , el tecladista y segu d segunda voz tuvo accidente cua cuaÁndo manejabba por jalisco y de su familia mu hermana, el dirtector musical c dice que el iba a reuniÓn musi a musical cuÁndo perdiÓ el contrl por ponchamiento de llanta . >> casi puros niÑos pero las e personas adultras murieron . >> entre los heridos, una jhijay sobrina de Él , que etanstÁn en hoital . >> enfrentamiento entre reos . >> hace explotar gas en otro en pugna ;por el poder en hroras d la madrugada . >> aÚn buscan mÁs cuerpos, niÑo que vivÍa con padre en el penal tambiÉn muriÓ . >> en nueva york ciudad de los rascacielos que siempre andan o con prisa, iglesia se acerca a l los ciudadanos, oisolfda cuentaa iglesia sobre ruedas . >> es la ciudad que no duerme y con prisa, nueva york , dodnde a hay sin nunmemro
Aug 13, 2013 12:35am PDT
is that sean seems to -- that's how i say his name. >> steve: that's it. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah. >> steve: say it again. >> jimmy: sean. [ laughter ] hey, you guys, sean is here. well, we know this season that sean seemed to only feel one way about the girls, no matter who he was talking to. check this out. >> i'm crazy about your daughter. i'm crazy about lindsay. i'm crazy about your daughter. i'm crazy about you. i'm crazy about ashley. i'm crazy about your daughter. i'm crazy about your sister. crazy about a lot of girls, right? [ laughter and applause ] >> jimmy: and finally, it was announced that china is opening its own disneyland, which disney says will be both "authentically disney and distinctly chinese." which explains why the parents of huey, dewey and louie had to pick just one. [ laughter ] we have a great show tonight. [ cheers and applause ] give it up for the roots! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, man! that's what i'm talking about! the roots! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, guys. we have a giant show tonight. he has a new album out march 19th called "the 20/
Aug 25, 2013 10:00am EDT
an opportunity to host their primary debates. opportunityfer the to folks like sean hannity and rush limbaugh -- and instead offered the opportunity to folks like sean hannity and rush limbaugh. are opportunities to better expand it. inublicans seem mired internal civil war. next year is not your friend both in the house level thanks to redistricting. a lot of these republican districts have become fortresses. on the system level there have been a lot of -- on a senate level there have been a lot of retirements. as you look at that going do you look at your odds and what you're going to have to do to overcome that? i know folks are saying the maps are not our friend. they are the same folks that said that in 2011 that thought the democrats would lose the senate. we picked up a seat. we won the white house again and added eight seats in the house. opportunities we have in 2014. it is normally a tough cycle for a second term resident -- president. because the republicans have embraced extremism and voted 40 repealo appeal -- obamacare and doing everything they can to make sure it is not success
Aug 8, 2013 5:00am PDT
aparecen en la ciudad van a buscarlos a los pueblos por remotos que sean. partieron de madrid en un autobus con un grupo de chicas dispuestas a encontrar la pareja ideal. >>> no se sabe si es por culpa de la crisis econÓmica, en espaÑa muchas mujeres tienen dificultades para encontrar pare pareja. >>> por lo que este vendedor de seguros creo excursiones para salir en busca de solteros por los pueblos del paÍs. >>> apuntamos 50 hombres y al final a las mujeres las fui buscando por madrid, en peluquerÍas, establecimientos de discotecas, etc... >>> gonzalo es la mejor prueba que el sistema funciona, fue en una de esas caravanas donde conociÓ a su esposa, enfermera dominicana que lo ayuda a organizar la bÚsqueda. >>> hay cientos de matrimonios estables, parejas, de ligues no te lo cuento. >>> rosa no pierde la esperanza. >>> tengo 48 aÑos, vengo de granada y vengo todas las caravanas, divorciada, llevo 20 aÑos divorciada y a ver si encuentro al amor. >>> ¿te has echado un novio?. >>> estuve nueve meses con uno de zamora, fue bonito mientras durÓ. >>> el viaje siempre a pueblos remotos
Aug 3, 2013 8:00am PDT
. sean lee was the starting pitch belmont all-stars. >> he has a curveball and knuckle. he pretty much has everything. >> sounds like everything. and sports director larry beil will be along later to tell you how they did. nice to see the fans gathering. exciting time. exciting weather? >> it's okay. no real heat around the bay but today will be the warmer day of the weekend. as we look out in the east bay, toward the delta, very pleasant with mid to upper 80s. live doppler 7-hd showing the radar on top of mount st. helena. plenty of low clouds but up in the north bay where visibility has been reduced. bay bridge, we are beginning to see a little bit of sunshine over in oakland. it's 57 in mountain view. good morning, san jose. cloudy for you at 56. we are looking at half boon may, 54 and temperatures in and around san jose will still be below the average. a lot like yesterday, in the upper 70s. usually we'll see lower 70s and several days below average. even cooler today. concord is 58. sunny for you and napa is at 56. 52 with the fog in santa rosa. here is the fog. look at the footpr
Aug 12, 2013 12:00pm PDT
to knock down the flames. reporter sean bennett has firsthand accounts from neighbors. >> reporter: a chaotic monday as fire crews work to get water on the flames. >> just totally engulfed in flames. >> flames up that high, i knew it was not going to be a pretty sight. >> reporter: flames lit up the solano county sky. >> from all the crackling in the wood and the dark smoke that's material burning. >> reporter: neighbors say they heard explosions coming from three outbuildings, two cars and a boat that were burning on poplar road in vacaville. >> there was a lot of heat and the flames were super high. hoping it didn't come across and catch these trees and stuff on fire. >> reporter: with the flames so intense, crews were at a disadvantage are the nearest fire hydrant 5,000 feet away on leisuretown road. >> being in a rural area, bringing water in takes time. we were able to get enough in to control the fire. >> reporter: as for the six people living inside the home they were able to get out as fire worked to save their homes. in vacaville, sean bennett, kpix 5. >> neighbors reporte
Aug 11, 2013 10:00am PDT
. >> heading the office is christian ethicist, sean casey, taking a leave from wesley theological seminary. casey said the office will observe the lines between church and state. >> we will insure that our engagement efforts will be consistent with the united states constitution and other laws, both in terms of the spirit and letter of the law. >> after the ceremony, i asked him to outline specific areas where he sees his team being effective. >> the public and political impact of lived religion across the planet is huge. it's almost impossible to measure, it's so large. so if we're going to be promoting human rights, if we're going to be doing development, if we're going to be trying to build for peace and mitigate conflict, we have to understand the religious dimensions of all of those sectors and frankly in the past we probably haven't had the capacity we should have in our diplomacy. >> he said they will not shy away from addressing the places where religion is part of the problem. >> it's not just dealing with the good religious people and ignoring the negative aspects of religious, r
Aug 6, 2013 6:30pm PDT
servicio y mantenimiento. y que sean capacitados y entiendan inglÉs. >>> la oficina de este alguacil se encarga que la la licencia de los choferes y el estado de los autobuses, estÉn en orden. dijo que estÁn analizando que fallÓ. el dueÑo de varias compaÑÍas de mini autobuses, incluyendo la que estÁ bajo investigaciÓn. por la muerte de la bebÉ. y que en el 2011. fue demandado por un peatÓn atropellado por uno de sus choferes. no quiso hablar sobre las presuntas irregularidades frmiento >>>. la administraciÓn federal a cargo de la seguridad en el transporte pÚblico. le dijo a telemundo que como el caso estÁ bajo investigaciÓn. no pueden comentar al respecto. entre tanto, un coro de voces pide a gritos que se ponga freno a lo que consideran una amenaza sobre ruedas. en >>> inclusive mi esposo no estÁ de acuerdo que los coja. en nueva jersey, telemundo. >>> un impactante accidente, quedÓ registrado en cÁmara, en una autopista de texas. el conductor de un camiÓn que transportaba losas de cerÁmica perdiÓ el control y tras salirse el vehÍculo de la ruta, volÓ. cayÓ sobr
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